Thursday, 9 July 2015

Top 5 Books for a Newbie Comic Artist

When I first started out drawing semi professionally I scoured the internet looking for tips on what reference books and materials etc would be best. In this post I will show my top 5(ish) books for anyone starting out drawing and in particular drawing comics. This list is purely the books I find to be useful and there are a myriad of others out there to choose from. However these will hopefully prove helpful.

Everbody knows the 'For Dummies' books and this does exactly what it says on the tin. It teaches the basics of anatomy and more.  

One of the toughest things for anyone starting out is perspective. It doesn't matter how good your character drawing is, if your perspective is out it will ruin it. This book has saved me on many an occasion and covers all aspects of perspective drawing. Highly recommend this book.

Scott McCloud is an absolute legend. His insight into the way comics work is incredible. This book covers every aspect of the process, not so much how to draw things but what to draw in what place and why. It's a fascinating read that makes you think about how comics work.

The Marvel how to draw comics book is a classic which has some great tips for proper traditional style comic drawing. Perhaps not the most in depth book compared to others but great for getting you going and a must for getting that proper Marvel style.

Ok I kind of cheated with this final choice. The DC comics guide series is so good I had to include them all as one. Pencilling, Inking, Colouring and Lettering are all very different beasts and these books show you tips and techniques for all without lumping them all in together and missing things. Every time I sit and go through these I learn something new. 

So there we go a little look at my top five ish reference books. I have plenty more on the shelves that I dip in and out of but these are the go to's for many occasions.
Hope it helps some of you out too.

Clumsy Pickle


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