Saturday, 11 October 2014

Post Con Rush

I thought I'd write a little post to keep you updated on everything in the pickle jar. Last weekend was spent at Nottingham Comic Con and was absolutely brilliant. 
From a purely business perspective I sold quite a bit stuff which is always good. However attending a con is never purely about making money which is like an added bonus. I got to hang around with all the guys and chat comics and cool art stuff and I even an art got a mojo refill.

On the back of this I have been working on something since coming back that I have been promising to do for a very long time. 
I have been keeping notes for ages now on the random bits and pieces my 4yr old comes out with. Some of which are complete gems. 
In a nutshell I am making a series of comic strips based around characters invented by my daughter. The plan is to put them up on the blog once a week and take it from there. I won't call it a webcomic as such, it's more of 'Blomic' (Blog-Comic) see what I did there :-)

Anyway there will be updates very soon. 

Clumsy Pickle