Saturday, 31 May 2014

The New Web Store

Hello everybody.

Over the last few months I've been really busy working on the fantastic extension to the Pickle. Namely our cool shop in Grimsby 'Made By'. Its been hard work as im sure anybody setting up a business/shop will tell you but were starting to get a lot more people through the door from word of mouth which is a fantastic and underrated form of advertising. As well as the shop I built a little web shop which served a purpose but was generally speaking pretty pants. Now however I've been busy squirrelling away and have finally launched the new site. Yes you heard correct the new webshop is live and ready for your perusal. 

It has a lot more fancy stuff going on behind the scenes including security features as well as new stock and new layout which should make your shopping experience run more smoothly.
So if you're in or around the Grimsby area please feel free to drop in the shop and say hello. However if you can't make it for what ever reason then now you can buy with confidence online and still get all the same cool stuff.

Clumsy Pickle