Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Valentines Cards

Good morning everybody. 

Its freezing but we're half way through January all ready. Which also means that it won't be long until Valentines day! So with that in mind I've made some funky little cards for you to share the love with.

All the cards are hand drawn and are something a little different. My personal favourite is the monsters under the umberella. I can do personalised ones too with initials etc on. So if your local to Grimsby pop into the shop 'Made by' or if not drop me a message on here or twitter, facebook etc and we can sort something out for you.

Clumsy Pickle

Monday, 12 January 2015

Display Zombot

As I'm sure many of you are aware I like making things. Generally quite odd things too. As such I'm hoping this won't disappoint. I'm working all guns blazing on the 'Rise of the Zombots' at the moment with one of the main protaganists being the dreaded Zombot. An evil construct of machine and lobotomised human brain.

Well the game itself uses 28mm models which I am sculpting, however I felt that a display piece was in order for the cons and events I'm hoping to show it at. I had a good rummage around through bits and pieces that seem to accumulate in what passes for my office and dug up enough parts to start work.

The size of the model as always was dictated by the clear plastic dome on top, which in this case means the Zombot will be approximately 40cm tall which is roughly 14 times larger than the game figures. That should be pretty striking when stood on the table!! I'll keep you updated on progress folks.

Clumsy Pickle

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Project Cornelius Update

Hi Folks
Well as promised I have been working on the game 'Rise of the Zombots' which I have almost got a first draft of the rules ready for. Not much to show image wise I'm afraid as its all a lot of writing so far. However I will be working on a lot of artwork soon as well as some very cool models and display pieces. 
So as soon as I can I'll have pictures up for you all to see.!!

I'm also thinking of doing a little twitter giveaway so we can get a hashtag going and build up the fan base. What do you all think.?!

Clumsy Pickle

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy New Year

Well its that time of year again folks. 2014 is over and what a year its been. Starting a shop has been massive for us. Yes It's a lot of hard work and no we're not rolling in money from it. That however is not what it's all about. Yes earning enough money to live like kings wouldn't be sniffed at but one of the main points of is 

'I now own my OWN business'

I no longer work for some big organisation, I'm not a minion anymore. I rule my own destiny. 
Now the mere fact that we've made this happen is enough to make me jump somersaults but the fact we have mostly been managing to stay on top of all the bills etc is even better. Of course this can only be improved and expanded on in the new year, with new stock, projects and funky display ideas. 

Setting up a new business takes up a considerable amount of time so all my projects and comics etc have pretty much sat idle over 2014. Hey it's ok I'm good but I'm not superman. What this does mean is that 2015 is the year I plough on ahead with 

1. The Business
2. Project Cornelius
3. The Apple Tree Pirates
4. Secret Project!!!!!

And when I say plough on I really mean it. I've already started putting things into practice I started ages ago and making progress and its only the 3rd of January. 

Basically there is going to be a lot of content appearing on the blog this year covering all the projects with all fancy pictures and everything so keep checking back because this year is going to be BIG!!!!!!!


Clumsy Pickle