Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Patreon Reborn

The Apple Tree Pirates has been a pet project of mine for a number of years now. A few years back I made a Patreon page to support it and so I could get things made and out there for the world to see. Sadly with life taking the twisty windy road that is normally the way it kind of got shelved and left to gather dust. Now this has bugged the hell out of me because a project as cool as this should be made and published not left to languish. 

As I said in my previous blog post my priorities have changed a lot recently and the Apple Tree Pirates has been pushed up the list...... a lot. So with that in mind I've gone over the Patreon page again and modernised it a bit, rewritten some of it and want to launch it anew. 

This is where you guys come in. My intentions are to crack on and draw the Apple Tree Pirates comics, kids books, and activity books and get these little dudes into the public eye. To do that takes time and some new gear wouldn't go a miss either but that can wait. If I can earn enough money from selling my artwork online and the support on the Patreon page then I will be able to work less hours in my day job and spend much more time on making these books a reality. 

So if you feel you want to become a patron from as little as 64 pence a month or you know someone who would then share it around and lets see if we can get the Apple Tree Pirates published and in your local book shops. 

Clumsy Pickle

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